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E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is based on an old concept but with ease of access and modified electronically to interchange data, in a new age version. In this era as technology has changed the way we live or lead our lives, e-commerce websites are one of those platforms which no businesses can ever ignore. It is suitable not only for products but also for services. Ecommerce has made it easy to provide more and more products everyday on the internet, live for buyers thus increasing their experience with online shopping. It has ability to conduct the transactions online with the help of internet.

For now the best Ecommerce websites on internet are working on many nodes, B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C.

B2B – where businesses sell services or products to businesses such as raw materials, giant machines etc.
B2C – where shops, businesses or service providers sell their specialty to end consumers such as courses classes, dresses, home items etc.
C2B – where customers or general public post their projects for bidding and companies or vendors respond with their prices to get the project.
C2C – where consumers or people sell the things they have or swap online such as exchanging old used items etc.

Alex Technologies has the ability, command and experience to introduce your business with all the required features, preplanned and predefined. MBT can bring uniqueness by e-commerce solutions

• Understanding businesses type and need – putting options required specifically
• Strong E-Commerce website builder tool
• Experienced Ecommerce web designers
• Shipment facility
• Simple cart system
• Payment modes and methods
• Security of network
• Data security and software piracy safety
• Comply with legal needs and requirements
• Suggestions based on deep study
• After sales service
• Database management with dedicated team
• Daily update of posts and so on.